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  The idea that developed Tote It Around into reality was thinking about designing a re-usable, creative, individual tote bag that would be waterproof. I teach water aerobics and I got tired of putting my wet bathing suit into a plastic bag before putting it into my purse. I brought back some oilcloth from a trip to Mexico in 2005, put the two together VIOLA Tote it Around was born. I hand crafted my design in only two sizes and patterns at the beginning. I wanted the totes to have multiple pockets and convenient dividers so things won’t get lost at the bottom of the bag. The designs I use often include a wide variety of colorful, upbeat oilcloth prints that I like. I have now branched out to use other fabric like high quality upholstery vinyl. It is easy to work with and produces a professional long lasting product.

About me:

I have always been interested in making items I use. In high school I took two periods of sewing construction my senior year of high school in 1969. Clothing construction was my first introduction. I soon became proficient with my sewing machine, and quickly began to try new fabrics, and patterns.

In 1979 I spent 6 months traveling through Central America. It was there I was exposed to useful, uncomlicated pieces of clothing. I was inspired by the colors and textures, of materials that were used. I aspire to make beautiful items that are unique.

After a lot of success at local farmers markets, I decided it was time to get a business license. My bags are available online, at some local Farmers Markets and at these businesses.

I hand craft each one of my bags in Lakebay, Washington. Each year I expand my product line and availability of my bags to the community. I am excited to see you with a Tote It Around Bag.

Warm Regards,
Donna Daily